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Research Projects


  1. «ASTERISMOS-Application of space technology to environmental aspects of surface mining-A surface mining decision support system». EU, Environment and Climate No ENV4-CT96-0373, 10/11/1996-9/11/1999.
  2. «Geotectonic and petrological-geochemical investigation of the St. Panteleiomonas (Florina, Greece) carbonate rocks». Lazaridis-Dimou S.A., 15/11/1996-14/11/1997.
  3. «The distribution and environmental aspects of trace elements in the Kozani-Ptolemais-Aminteo lignite basin». Prefecture of Kozani, 1/11/1998-31/10/2000.
  4. «Adoption of flexible working conditions in the industrial change (marble branch)». Granted by the Ministry of Labor & Welfare, 1998-99.
  5. «Evaluation and utilization of the Greek Mineral Wealth». Ministry of Development of Greece, Coordinator, No 97ΕΛ-21, 1/1/1999-31/12/2001.
  6. «Mineralogical study of Chalkidiki mine samples». TVX Hellas S.A., 27/12/1999-27/4/2000.
  7. «Reforming Undergraduate Program: School of Geology, AUTH». EPEAEK, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, 1/4-31/12/2003.
  8. «A Regional Enterprise Network Decision-Support System for Environmental Risk and Disaster Management of Large-Scale Industrial Spills». E.U., Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme, Activities of a Generic Nature, Natural and Technological Hazards, EVG1-2001-0087, 1/2/2004-31/12/2006.
  9. «The effect of adding a Greek natural zeolite in broilers ration as well as into bedding material, on the quality of housing microenvironment and broiler performance». PYTHAGORAS, Funding Research in Universities, «Environment-Aristotle University of Thessaloniki», 1/4/2004-31/12/2006.
  10. «Evaluation and exploitation of Greek mineral wealth with emphasis on zeolite rich rocks». Ministry of Development of Greece, Coordinator, No 01ER48, 1/4/2003-31/5/2005.
  11. «Production of modern materials with bioenergetic behavior. Study of physicochemical properties and cellular response of novel dental ceramics modified with bioenergetic ceramics». EPEAEK II, PYTHAGORAS ΙΙ, 1/5/2005-31/12/2006.
  12. «Characterization of pigments in samples of wall painting from burial excavations in Cyprus». Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Cyprus, 21/12/2010-21/1/2011. Coordinator.
  13. «Evaluation of carbonate rocks of Kozani prefecture for the development of innovative materials: production of high surface area hydrated lime for special environmental uses». Research Committee of AUTH, 1/1/2012-31/12/2012. Coordinator.
  14. «Study of the bioactivity of suspended particles in the atmosphere relative to the size, morphology and chemical composition». Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, THALIS project, 1/1/2012–30/9/2015.
  15. «Evaluation of the mineralogical composition of archaeological specimens (mortars and mosaic floors)». Department of Antiquities, Cyprus Republic, 2/4-1/7/2013. Coordinator.
  16. «Damage estimation of building materials that were used in the following Monuments: Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Palaipaphos, Famagusta gate in Nicosia and Kastelliotissa». Department of Antiquities, Cyprus Republic, 4/6-3/12/2013. Coordinator.
  17. «Dental tissue engineering using novel biomimetic scaffold materials in combination with stem cells of dental origin and low level laser irradiation (DentBioTisEng)". NSFR 2007-2013, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, "EXCELLENCE II", 1/2/2014-31/7/2015.
  18. «Restoration of the old mining tailings of Olympias». Hellas Gold S.A., 10/2-31/12/2014.
  19. «Development of solid prolonged release pharmaceutical hydroscopic drug». Programme for the development of industrial research and technology "PDIRT 2013", 2014-.
  20. «Estimation of chromium origin in ground water supply of municipal departments of Akrini - Agios Dimitrios - Riakio – Koilada of Kozani municipality». Region Of Western Macedonia, Kozani Municipality, Municipal Company of Water Supply & Drainage (DEYA) of Kozani, 14/4/2014-25/9/2015.


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