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1. Laboratory assistant in the Department of Mineralogy-Petrology-Economic Geology (1996-2009).
2. Scientific collaborator in the grade of Assistant Professor in the Department of Geotechnology and Environmental Engineering, of the School of Technological Applications of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia (2003-2011). Teaching: (a) Mineralogy, (b) Economic Geology.
3. Assistant Professor of Mineralogy-Petrology in the School of Geology. Teaching:
i) Undergraduate level: (a) Sedimentary petrology, (b) Laboratory methods on studying minerals and rocks, (c) Field training, (d) Diploma Thesis, (e) Topics in Mineralogy-Petrology-Economic Geology. Also, in Chemistry Department: (a) Geology-Geochemistry, (b) Geochemistry, (c) Mineralogy.
ii) Postgraduate level (master degree): (a) Mineral resources and environment, (b) Laboratory analytical techniques, (c) Research and exploitation of aggregates and marbles, (d) Environmental studies, (e) Clay Mineralogy, (f) Applied Mineralogy-Petrology.


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